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System: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
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Speccy is a software that allows you to monitor the current status of various components of a desktop or laptop computer. In addition, it allows you to check the characteristics of the device. The interface of the utility is available in Italian, Russian, Serbian, English, Ukrainian and many other languages.

Specifications and status

After opening the program, the user will see a small window that shows the models of the installed components, as well as their characteristics and temperature. The main page shows brief information about RAM, memory drives, motherboard, sound device and so on. The operating system version is also shown here. In the left half of the window there is a menu, with the help of which a person can go to the tab with a specific component of the device. For example, if you open the "RAM" section, the user will be able to study detailed information about the RAM patches, including the type, number of channels and total volume. Against the background of other sections, the "operating system" tab stands out. Here a person can access a large amount of information, including the list of installed antiviruses and the date of the last system update. Also in this tab one can check security settings, system folders, list of active processes and so on.


Initially the utility is presented in English. You can change the localization in the parameters of the computer program. Also in the settings you can choose the way of displaying the temperature, enable notifications about fresh updates and so on.


  • Free utility for checking the condition and characteristics of components;
  • Availability of detailed information about the operating system;
  • Multilingual interface;
  • Data is updated in real time;
  • Compatible with most versions of Windows;
  • Possibility to choose the method of temperature display.
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