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Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player
Category: Players
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Windows Media Player is a media content player with many features. It is installed on all Windows OS and provides playback of sound and video files. You view images using the player shell when needed. Install it on a computer at least with Windows XP OS. Windows Media Player is a bundled player. The new version of the software supports many file formats. The program has a library of files in which you can easily organize them. This media player is created with user-friendly menus and panels for quick file manipulation. All tools, settings and functions are suitable for non-experienced users. The software has a simple graphical environment that makes it easy to control file playback. The program provides playback of files stored on your computer's hard drive, as well as streaming files MP3, MP4, FLAC, AVI, and others. While listening to music, you adjust the sound effects of songs through the equalizer settings. Choose the effects and find the best sound for your acoustics. By setting the "concert sound" effect, it's like being in a concert hall. The player has detailed song statistics. View the track title, artist name, genre and album. If necessary, you can view the album cover and lyrics of the song. The program allows you to create playlists. If needed, you can put the type of display using "tiles", "icons" and others. Sort tracks using

Key features

  • playback of a variety of file formats;
  • play music from disks or burn tracks and videos to disks;
  • create playlists;
  • quick addition of audio and video effects;
  • additional settings for music playback modes.
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