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System: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
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DriverHub is a software tool that helps you update various drivers. There is an option to search for outdated or missing components. There is localization into Russian and a number of other languages. Users have two methods of using the program: simple and expert.


By turning on the computer utility, the user can immediately start searching for components that require updating. It should be noted that the application is also able to recognize the absence of important drivers for the full functioning of the device. Upon completion of the search, the software makes a list of components that need to be downloaded or updated. In the process of installing fresh components, various malfunctions may occur. Especially for such a case, the software has a function to undo the changes. This is possible due to the fact that the computer application saves the current software versions in advance. To return the past state of the components, the user just needs to open the "restore" tab and there activate the process of canceling the installation.

Additional functionality

The application can function in two different modes. One of them called "simple" is chosen as the standard mode. It implies that the download and installation of components is performed automatically, without human intervention. The second method of operation with the name "expert" opens to an experienced user the possibility of manual installation of detected drivers. The utility also has a section with an archive that stores the history of past updates of components.


  • Application for installing fresh versions of drivers;
  • Correct operation on most versions of Windows;
  • Russian language version of the interface;
  • A tab with the history of downloads is available.
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