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Home Plan
Category: Development
System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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Home Plan is a professional editor compatible with Windows-based devices. With the tools implemented in the application, users can develop drawings of various rooms, including offices and apartments. There is also a catalog with different objects and layouts. The editor is equipped with an English-language interface.

Designing drawings

The toolkit of the computer editor is aimed at developing drawings of different premises. When a person opens the utility, he will be able to use the built-in library with simple shapes and lines to form a plan of rooms. To simplify this stage of drawing development, the creators have implemented the ability to clone already added elements. In addition, the application is able to automatically create rooms according to the dimensions entered by the user. The next step of drawing development is adding objects to the created rooms. At this point in the design, the user can place doorways, stairs, window frames, etc. in the rooms. Also in the professional editor there is an extensive list with decorations and furniture, including beds, stoves, cabinets, tables, sofas and armchairs. To make it easier for another person to study the drawing, the user can attach images and notes.

Finishing the job

When a person has finished designing a layout, he or she can save it in one of the supported formats. These include: DWG, PDF, PNG, DXF and a number of others. Also, the computer editor is equipped with an option to send the layout to print or fax the project.


  • Advanced editor for the development of drawings of premises;
  • Support for many versions of the operating system;
  • Free version has a number of limitations;
  • Available catalog with decorations, appliances and furniture;
  • The final project can be printed on special equipment;
  • Various notes and images can be attached to the drawing.
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