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True Image

True Image
Category: Safety
System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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True Image is a software tool designed to create copies of various files. There are also functions for recognizing dangerous software, completely erasing data from the drive, restoring information, and so on. There is a russified interface.

Creating copies

The main tool of the computer utility is the formation of backup duplicates of various data. Due to this, the user is able to create a backup with important files in case of loss or damage to the originals. To form copies of data, the user should go to the appropriate tab of the utility and then specify the folders that contain the necessary files. After that, the software will create a backup. A person can create a schedule, according to which the utility will create copies of files with a specific frequency. The generated duplicate data can be sent to cloud storage or to a removable storage device.

Other tools

The utility has a list of additional functions aimed at working with files. For example, one of the tools allows you to check data for Trojans, rootkits, viruses and other dangerous elements. Also in the computer application there is an option to completely erase data from the physical drive. After such a procedure, the files cannot be recovered with the help of other utilities. There is also a function in the application that is responsible for synchronizing files between the user's device and cloud storage. For this option to work, an internet connection is required.


  • Russian-language interface;
  • Ability to form duplicates of any files;
  • Free download and application of the demo version;
  • A tool is available to completely delete data from the physical drive;
  • There is an option to schedule the formation of backups;
  • Full functionality on modern OC versions.
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