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Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall
Category: Safety
System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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The Windows Firewall application is a firewall with all the necessary functionality. You can monitor incoming and outgoing connections, customize your own rules and add exceptions. There is a convenient log and notification of blocked packets.


After opening the application, the user needs to select the filtering mode. It is possible to activate the blocking of all connections or take into account a set of rules. There is a function of automatically changing the mode according to a specified schedule. For example, you can switch to a different blocking level after a certain period. You can explicitly prohibit other programs from adjusting the current filtering settings. You can also configure trusted groups that can make changes to the set of exceptions.


The application allows you to flexibly configure blocking for certain programs. To do this, select the executable file via Explorer and generate a new blocking rule. Additionally, you can specify the port number, protocol and blocking direction. A convenient panel is used for customization, and there is a set of hints. At the installation stage, you can activate integration with the context menu. This will allow you to create new rules without launching the main interface. A notification system is provided, where you can customize the list of events to send new notifications. A detailed help section is implemented, which will allow you to master the main interface elements, available functions and customization features. There is a selection of additional materials. To find the desired option, you can use the search form or a separate navigation bar.


  • the application allows you to create network access rules for individual applications;
  • ready-made filtering templates;
  • function for creating new rules;
  • free to use.
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