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System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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The Brandmark online platform for Windows allows you to quickly create a logo for a small company. Images are generated using a computer model. To do this, it is enough to specify the name of the company and select keywords.

Basic parameters

Before you start working, it is advisable to authorize with a Google account. This will ensure that you can save logos in your profile and resume editing later. First, it is necessary to enter the name of the company and the slogan (if there is one). Then the user will be offered a choice of several color scheme options. In addition, he or she can specify keywords. For example, words such as "health", "organic", "flowers", etc. are suitable for a cosmetics manufacturer.

Working with logos

Based on the parameters set by the user, the neural network generates a selection of options. In addition to viewing the logos themselves, you can evaluate their compliance with the general style of the company. Editing of the submitted images is available. The online platform provides an opportunity to change the font, background color and text location on the display. You can adjust the transparency and brightness of individual elements. It should be noted that access to downloading the logo is provided only on a paid basis. Several payment schemes are available: basic, for professional designers or companies.

Main features

  • this service, like Looka, allows you to create a logo;
  • you can use the platform for free;
  • generation of several variants at the same time is available;
  • preview of the logo on packages, clothes and websites is provided;
  • there is an editor that allows you to choose background, font and letter size;
  • all current versions of Windows OS are supported.
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