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Category: Drawing
System: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 906


StableStudio is a Windows program that contains an advanced algorithm responsible for generating detailed images. The content is created by a neural network based on human input commands. There is no Russian language localization of the text.

Beginning of use

Before starting to work with the algorithm, the user needs to download third-party software. Namely Yam and Node.js. In addition, a person will need to copy the program code of the utility from the website called GitHub. This completes the preliminary configuration of the application. However, if desired, the user can download additional extensions.

Creation parameters

After enabling the utility, the user will be offered to customize the parameters for the future generation of graphic content. Among them:
  • Magnitude - this parameter is responsible for the size of the picture;
  • Color gamut - thanks to this setting, the user can determine the desired shades that will prevail in the future image;
  • Stylistics - this parameter allows the user to choose the style of the picture.
It should be noted that the advanced algorithm is capable of generating graphic materials in realistic, abstract and many other styles. When the user configures the previously specified parameters, he will be allowed to enter text commands, which will also be taken into account by the program when creating graphic content. For example, the user can specify which objects should be drawn on the image.


Based on the wishes of the person, the utility will form several pictures. The user will need to select the image he likes, after which the algorithm will finalize it. Then the user will be able to download the picture to the memory of his device.


  • Free utility for generating images;
  • Correct functioning on the latest versions of OC;
  • Allows you to customize the creation parameters in detail;
  • English-language interface text.
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