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Rhino is an advanced tool that can be used to create three-dimensional objects on a PC. In addition to the modeling functions themselves, the utility also has built-in tutorials that can make it much easier to learn the interface and explore the program's capabilities.


The program is designed to enable the user to perform professional actions. With its help, you can create three-dimensional objects, ready for further use in animation, video games or even creation through specialized 3D printers. It should be noted that in its basic state, the application does not have the largest set of capabilities. But they can be expanded if you use the function of installing plug-ins. They will add new tools and various automated solutions to simplify the performance of work.

Plugins for work

It should be understood that most plug-ins are aimed at improving the appearance of 3D models. They install a set of ready-made textures, which are installed on top of the arranged geometry. This approach using automated solutions greatly simplifies the work on 3D modeling, and allows you to achieve perfect results even without much experience. You just need to find the right solutions and install them in your Rhino. Before doing so, it is advised to watch tutorials from the developer to learn how to use the plugins correctly.

Main features

  • The program is aimed at 3D modeling of various objects;
  • The utility allows you to create any objects and use them in animation, video games or on 3D printers;
  • You can install additional plug-ins to expand the functionality of the application.
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