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System: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
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CKAN is a utility that can be installed on a Windows-based device. Thanks to it, you can add a mod to the game or get rid of it, as well as check the dependency. Moreover, you can clear the memory cache and perform many other useful manipulations. The program is characterized by an intuitive interface, which can be mastered by every user, both novice and professional, despite the lack of Russian language. It is distributed on a free basis, so you will not have to invest in the purchase of a license.


The menu is made as structured as possible, because the main functions can be seen at once. Making changes to the mods is not recommended during operation, it is best to leave the corresponding default values. Otherwise, you can make things worse, then the utility will not be able to perform its target tasks correctly. If it is planned to clear the cache, then you need to use the corresponding option. This application will also be useful in the situation if there were previously downloaded add-ons, but there is no need to use them anymore and it is planned to eliminate them. Moreover, you can automatically update the software without direct involvement of the user.


The main purpose of the software is to add or remove a game mod and check its dependency. If there are no extensions in the game, it will offer to download a special manager. During the application, you can install different extensions for graphics and other nice additions. The compatibility list of available mods can be viewed in the main interface. The list itself is replenished with new updates on a regular basis.


  • An excellent tool for working with mods;
  • the ability to change the path to the location of the game project;
  • the ability to install a mod manager;
  • appearance of new updates on a regular basis.
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