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System: Android 7.0
Program Status: Free
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Yubo is an Android application focused on finding friends by interests. It is also possible to form a community by uniting users. You can launch live streams, create group chats, and more.


The platform is a social network, with the help of which you can make friends from different countries. At the time of publication, more than 40 million users were registered on the service. Unlike classic social resources, in this case there is no opportunity to subscribe to groups and put reactions to photos. The main emphasis is on direct communication between people. After registration, a selection of rooms in which users communicate by interest is displayed. The list is extensive - games, movies, streamers and so on. It is enough to enter the selected room and start communicating. There is a convenient search by keywords. The user gets the opportunity to vote, create polls, there is a selection of mini-games.


The program interface allows you to start a live broadcast, which can be joined by other users. It is possible to create your own video chat, the maximum number of participants is 10 people. The system of notifications is implemented, which can be configured in the personal cabinet. It is possible to fill out your own profile and add a photo. This will allow users to find her by keywords. The built-in algorithm analyzes the interests of users, which noticeably facilitates the search. At any time it is possible to find an interlocutor to discuss a variety of directions. Various ways of having a conversation are available, including text messaging and video mode.


  • the service allows you to find people with common interests;
  • a wide range of tools for communication;
  • user-friendly interface and notification system;
  • interest analysis to find interlocutors;
  • can be used for free.
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