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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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NokoPrint software for Android mobile devices allows you to print documents directly from your smartphone on various types of inkjet and laser printers, including the following:
  • Sharp;
  • Brother;
  • HP;
  • Dell;
  • Epson;
  • Xerox;
  • Canon;
  • Samsung.


The application allows you to print documents in PDF, Word and Excel formats. In addition, you can print pictures and photos. It is possible to print attachments from e-mail in DOC, TXT, XLS and other formats, as well as files stored in the Google Drive cloud service. In addition, the program allows you to print website content. The utility establishes a wired connection to the printer using a USB OTG cable, as well as a wireless connection using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Additional features

The application provides the ability to customize the following print settings:
  • paper sheet size and orientation;
  • color;
  • number of copies;
  • desired page range;
  • absence and presence of margins.
Remote printing of files using Google Cloud Print virtual printer is also available.


To disable ads for half an hour, you need to watch one short video. You can disable ads completely only if you pay a small amount of money.

Key features

  • the utility works with most existing printer models;
  • the application contains advertising, which can be completely disabled only on a paid basis;
  • the program can be downloaded and used absolutely free of charge;
  • printers with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support or a USB OTG cable are required;
  • stable access to the global network is required to use cloud services;
  • the application is compatible with current versions of Android OS.
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