Category: Recording
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 228


Jiggy is a utility for Android, with which you can make an animated video from an illustration. The person who is in the picture will perform a dance selected by the user. This entertaining application has built-in tools, thanks to which the user will be able to perform targeted tasks. The interface is characterized by intuitive clarity, so it will be easy and simple to master its capabilities. The program itself is distributed on a free basis, so anyone can use it without investing money.


To start creating videos, you need to look through the range of dances that the software offers. You can view animations with their examples in the main menu. After that, you can pick up a photo from the gallery of your mobile device. To turn a photo into a small video clip, you will need to wait for a small amount of time. The software can process the project for several minutes, but everything depends on the complexity of the selected animation. The finished result can be shared on social networks or saved in a personal gallery.


It is worth noting that the utility is not included in the deepfake section. That is, the resemblance of the video character to the person in the photo will not be complete, and the movements will not always be realistic. In addition to ordinary dances, you can give preference to movements on the desired background. It should be taken into account that the illustrations should be full-length or capture the torso of a person, otherwise it will not be possible to create a clip.


  • compatibility with android operating system;
  • the ability to download and use the software for free;
  • huge assortment of animations with dances;
  • varieties of movements are categorized by sections for easy search;
  • intuitive interface in English;
  • watermarking of the made video.
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