Next Shop

Next Shop
Category: Online shopping and shopping
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Next Shop is a program that allows you to shop for products from the catalog of an extremely popular retailer. Using the built-in functions, you can find products, read their description and make delivery. For purchase, the user will have access to many product categories, ranging from decorative items to interior details, furniture and so on.

Selecting products

Start interacting with Next Shop in the catalog of goods. It is made in a standard style, listing all possible options. To simplify the search, you can set up a filtering system. It will sift goods by their style, color, style, material, price and other similar parameters. Each item has its own page inside the application. It has photos, description, rating in the form of stars and order form. Using this data, you can easily check the product to see if it meets your criteria and needs.


The checkout procedure is no different from similar apps or websites on the Internet. The user only needs to add the necessary goods to the cart and then proceed to the checkout form. It is necessary to specify the data for delivery, as well as make payment. Note that the retailer has a minimum order amount, which is required to be reached. Next Shop offers a large number of discounts, promotions and favorable offers. If you are interested in interior goods, it is worth checking the catalog sometimes. This will help you find interesting items at more favorable prices.

Main features

  • The application allows you to order goods from one popular retailer;
  • Contains a catalog with a large number of interior products;
  • Allows you to place an order with delivery;
  • There are discounts and promotions.
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