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Garmin Pilot

Garmin Pilot
Category: Traffic radars
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Garmin Pilot is an excellent radar and assistant for Android devices, with the help of which you can plan a flight. The developers have implemented a huge number of useful and additional tools to realize the corresponding tasks. The program is designed for civil and corporate pilots, so an ordinary user is unlikely to need such features. But for general familiarization you can install it and test it. It includes various interactive maps and weather forecast, which is very convenient.


The main task of this software is to make plans before and during the flight. Professionals can view detailed weather data, including information about clouds and wind, lightning and thunderstorms, temperature at different altitudes, and radar data. What's more, you can see infrared and visible images, visualizing the weather along your entire route. Text widgets are implemented here to set them on the main screen. Dynamic tracking is provided for convenience. When planning flights, routes can be plotted on a map. Pilots can save permanent movements as templates for future use. The application itself saves the history of these routes.

Other features

During flight, the technician can view detailed navigation information. Examples include the current position of the airplane, airways, and the distance between specified points. If desired, it is possible to use reference books and schemes of many airports, as well as approach maps. The software has an electronic logbook based on GPS and generates reports. These can be saved in the internal storage of the mobile device.


  • free download and use of the utility;
  • the program can be used by corporate and civil pilots for flight planning;
  • ability to create routes;
  • saving flight history;
  • compatibility with android operating system.

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