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System: Android 4.1
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Knopka911 is a great utility, or rather an "alarm button" designed to monitor children. Now you can not worry about children or relatives. This application notifies about their whereabouts, movements and even health status. It is intended for devices with the Android operating system, namely "smart" watches.

How to use

The program helps to find out the location of a particular person who needs help. Thanks to Knopka911 it is possible to follow the movements of a person via Wi-Fi or GPS, this is selected based on the model of the watch. The user can set geofences from which you can not leave, if this happens, the program sends a notification. This is especially important when monitoring children. And this is not all the features, thanks to the program - you can set a ringtone on the "smart" watch. The user of such a watch can send a signal that he was called back and helped to solve a difficult situation. If you doubt that your child will give a timely signal, you can monitor his health yourself with the same program. Knopka911 allows you to monitor the level of heart rate, breathing, etc. The utility also informs you about the removal of the watch or low charge level. Only a parent can turn off the gadget or restart it.

Why you should use this program

With the help of Knopka911 you will be able to learn about all the movements of your dear person, monitor the state of their health and provide timely assistance if they find themselves in a difficult situation. But to enjoy this advantage, you need not only to download and install this application, but also to have a "smart" watch.

Main features

  • Knopka911 helps to track the movements of relatives or children;
  • You need a "smart" watch to use the program;
  • The application notifies about low charge and removal of this watch;
  • Allows you to monitor your health, heart rate, breathing, etc;
  • Set the allowed geo-zones, when you leave them, an alert is sent;
  • Supports work with almost all models of Smart Watches;
  • User-friendly and clear interface;
  • Saves the history of movements for the last three days;
  • You can choose a ringtone, set an alarm, etc;
  • Distributed absolutely free of charge.

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