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Prof Reminder

Prof Reminder
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 170


Prof Reminder is a program responsible for sending notifications about unread messages and missed calls. The application is fully russified. There is a possibility to customize the ways of receiving notifications. Using the utility is possible on most gadgets running Android, starting from version 4.3.

Setting reminders

The program allows you to receive notifications when the user has not read a new message or missed an incoming call. At the same time, the user is allowed to customize the methods of receiving reminders in detail. For example, the utility allows you to select any audio file from the gadget's memory. After that, it will be played during the sending of the notification. Also, a person is able to customize the vibration, the number of repeated notifications and the interval between them. The mobile program is also able to send alerts by highlighting the LED and activating the flash. If necessary, the user can customize the time periods in which the software is not allowed to send notifications. Thanks to this, the utility will not disturb the person during night hours, during educational classes and so on. The user can also customize a different method of sending reminders in specific time periods. It should be noted that the functionality of the program can also be used to receive alerts about the end of the battery charging procedure or the low charge of the mobile battery.


The user can create several presets with parameters at once. Each of them can be given a unique name or a ready-made variant can be selected from the proposed list. A person can also use the preset templates with parameters. Among them: battery charge, day, night and so on.


  • A program for sending notifications about calls and messages;
  • Detailed customization of methods for receiving notifications;
  • Support for modern OC versions;
  • Free use of most features;
  • Allowed to form presets with different settings.
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