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Open Server

Open Server
Category: Servers
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Open Server is a useful and efficient software in the field of web development. The software package has a great set of tools and will be perfect for every user, be it an expert or a novice web developer.


Open Server software package has dozens of the most useful and effective tools that are actively used by web-programmers. The program was created with the opinion of web-specialists and is at a high professional level. This platform uses in its work wamp-server local type. The program package is used to develop and debug applications. Open Server is used to create local web-servers, their launch, as well as conduct various web-testing. The application integrates various additional utilities that perform the functions of database administration, editing scripts in debugging mode, archiving documents and recording data in the system or on external media.

Software variations

Open Server is divided into three optimal versions of the product, each of which corresponds to the skill level of a particular web specialist. Each user has the opportunity to study the content of all versions and choose the most suitable variant. Basic - the initial and simplest version of the platform, which has the main basic tools for work. It includes basic program modules and ImageMagick. Premium - version has a richer toolkit and includes most of the modules, including basic, ImageMagick, Git for Windows, MongoDB + RockMongo, PostgreSQL + PhpPgAdmin. Ultimate is the largest distribution of all presented and the package includes absolutely all modules from the above presented ones. But in addition to modules, which is the main difference of the package, the presence of a huge set of programs for web development, which are designed to work with graphics, office, system, Internet and so on.

Product features

  • creation of local servers in a short time;
  • presence of Russian language in the program interface;
  • development and debugging of scripts;
  • support of Cyrillic domains;
  • different variations of modules and software versions;
  • work in SSL protocol mode;
  • viewing the log of software components during operation;
  • programming in complex with DBMS.
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