Pixel Art

Pixel Art
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System: Android 4.3
Program Status: Free
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Pixel coloring game for adults and children, each square has its own color, you need to color the picture by number and its corresponding color. Installed for free. Pixel Art - developing attention and memory coloring by pixels, works on mobile devices with Android operating system. Are you bored and have nothing to do? Combine useful with pleasant and kill time with this meditative activity. Guaranteed many hours of pastime for coloring another picture almost without interruption. In this application unlike the others much more proposed pictures for coloring and a convenient minimalist interface of the working window.


The basic principle of work of almost all coloring books is the same, when opening Pixel Art offers a similar way of work. Open all the templates that are available for the user to choose, the template is a pixel image of anything from nature and animals to intricate abstract patterns. Choose a template for drawing, then you need to proceed directly to coloring, click on a pixel and choose the color corresponding to the number. Independently pick up the color is not required, otherwise the drawing will not work. All coloring is to simply fill the cells by number. There are also many similar programs that you can install and try other patterns of drawings.

Additional tools

Pixel Art, as mentioned above, is a coloring game for killing time. If you want to fill the whole coloring as quickly as possible, you can use the tool that allows you to fill not just one pixel, but several in a circle, with one click. Also, you can erase an incorrectly filled pixel with the tool - eraser. Therefore, it will not be difficult to correct a mistake. Scaling is done as usual when viewing photos on the phone, with two fingers, or using the tool - magnifying glass. Call it is quite simple, click on the desired point in the template and slightly hold your finger on it.

Key Features

  • Can be installed and run on any Android mobile device;
  • Russified and has a pretty nice interface;
  • A tool to quickly complete the drawing process;
  • If you make a mistake, it can be corrected with an "eraser";
  • A large selection of coloring unlike other analogs of the program.
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