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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge
Category: Browsers
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Browser for mobile devices running on the Android operating system from Microsoft. A lot of convenient settings and quite high speed of loading sites. Edge - browser is in development, was released for computers, and now for mobile devices that run on Android. At the moment is in development and testing, new versions are released, so it may have certain glitches and bugs in the work. When the developers finish fixing bugs and testing, new additional features will be introduced, currently missing in the mobile version of the browser.


The mobile version of the browser is inferior to the PC version of the browser in many ways. It does not yet have all the features as the desktop one. The desktop version and a description of the functionality can be found in another article. The missing tablet version will also disappoint many users, and there is no voice assistant present in the PC browser. There is no way to block annoying ads that sometimes pop up on the entire window of the mobile device, let's hope that in the future when improving this browser, the developers will still introduce all these necessary tools.


The most interesting and attractive feature of the Edge mobile browser is the ability to continue working directly on your computer. All tabs, browsing history, logins and passwords saved in the mobile version will be automatically synchronized with the computer version of Edge. Therefore, when you sit down at your PC and open the browser, you can continue surfing the web from where you left off in the mobile version. Otherwise, the browser is virtually identical in features to the Windows 10 version of the browser. Great speed of loading sites unlike other browsers, while no images and photos are not compressed to speed up the transfer as UC Browser does, but loads them in the original format, which is issued for mobile versions of sites. Also, one of the niceties is the presence of a QR scanner that works directly from the browser.

Key Features

  • The version is not complete, important features are missing;
  • The input string is hybrid, site URL or search query;
  • Under development;
  • Can fully synchronize with PC and continue to work on PC;
  • Tabs, passwords, logins and browsing history are also available on PC (from the mobile browser);
  • QR code scanner built directly into the browser.
  • Supports Android 4.4 and higher.
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