Category: Markets
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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This application is a free analog of play market, where even more assortment is available than in the standard application from google. You can download apps, games, pictures, audio files, and live wallpapers for free. The software has a built-in manager of APK and regular files. In general, vShare can be called a modernized analog of the standard app store.

Functional features

Most of the users of this application are people who are not enough free applications from play market and want more. At the same time, they do not need to spend money for paid content, as well as buy a subscription to listen to audio compositions. An added plus of using the free app store is that you can try unique custom apps that are not even on the official play market yet. On the home page you can find the apps that are downloaded most often, as well as new products that are in high demand. In the application builden battery indicator, clock, the ability to use a flashlight, as well as removing "junk" files from your device.


This application allows you to avoid spending money on all kinds of content. With its help, you can absolutely free download all paid content, both from the playmarket and from other popular stores. Because of this, the client is in great demand among users. But it is worth remembering about some features of the client, namely:
  • possibly longer download and installation process;
  • you may not find the application you are interested in;
  • not the latest versions may be available in the store;
  • If the above features are not a hindrance for you, then you can safely download it and use it.

How to use

You can install this software by downloading a special, downloadable APK file. The program is supported on all modern versions of android. The interface is extremely clear, it is very convenient and pleasant to use.

The main functions

  • This program allows you to download almost any paid content for free;
  • open access to applications, video and audio files;
  • built-in tools optimize the work of your device, destroying all unnecessary files;
  • for convenient search of the best applications you can use the top, which is available on the site.
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