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IP Webcam Pro IP Webcam Pro
IP WebCam pro is a handy utility that performs the functions of a network camera without being bound to the operating system. Such a hidden camera can work in the background for a very long time, and
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Mi Music Mi Music
Mi Music is an application for Android gadgets, from the official developer Xiaomi. Thanks to it, you can manage songs and listen to music that is downloaded directly to your phone. InterfaceThe
  • 80
Web Video Caster Web Video Caster
Web Video Caster is a mobile utility that allows you to make more functional use of your Smart TV. Almost all such TVs support ChromeCast or AirPlay for receiving the broadcasted picture and sound.
  • 60
Litchi Litchi
Litchi is an application for Android gadgets that allows you to synchronize your device and drone. Thus, your smartphone becomes a remote control. You can only control a limited number of copters
  • 60
Smarterra Smarterra
Smarterra is an application for Android gadgets with which you can watch TV series and movies with virtual reality support. This allows you to enjoy the incredible realism of everything that happens,
  • 60
ISSC Bluedio ISSC Bluedio
ISSC Bluedio is a utility that will allow its users to customize the sound of Bluetooth headphones manufactured by Bluedio. The software is designed specifically for portable devices that function on
  • 60
GoAnimate GoAnimate
GoAnimate is a software that allows you to create animated videos. This version of the utility is designed for portable devices based on the Android operating system.PurposeThe main feature of the
  • 100
LEGO Life is an application for Android devices, which is aimed at children and teenagers. For users, there is a discussion of the problems of assembling these constructions, as well as a large
  • 0
Miracast Miracast
Miracast is an application for Android platform, with the help of which the user can conveniently and quickly connect his cell phone to the TV via Smart TV adapter or any other wireless system.
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Shikimori App Shikimori App
Shikimori App is a mobile client, the main purpose of which is to search, collect and watch anime online. The base of the application is based on data from the web resource This
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