JR Learn Java

JR Learn Java
Category: Education and e-books
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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JR Learn Java is an Android application that allows you to improve your programming skills in a game format. You can get theoretical knowledge and code skills. A large number of tasks are provided.


The application contains a basic Java course. There are a large number of assignments on different topics. The complexity increases gradually, which will allow users without experience to work with the platform. You can study at any time, the current progress is saved. The main emphasis is placed on the game mode. The course consists of four quests, each with several tasks with different levels of complexity. The user needs to manage the virtual hero and develop his basic skills. This method helps to increase interest in learning, especially among children. Several learning styles are available - literary, game and classical. The user can independently choose the most suitable one.

Code writing

In the process of working with the code, a system of hints is used to simplify the tasks. Gross errors are immediately highlighted, which simplifies their search. After writing a script, it should be sent for automatic checking. The result is displayed at once, and recommendations are also added. Tasks of different types are provided - correction of ready code, creating games, working with small projects and so on. In case of difficulties you can go to the Help section. There is an opportunity to contact course developers or more experienced users who actively help in solving problems. Communicating with other users allows you to gain additional knowledge and consolidate the passed material.


  • elementary course of Java language;
  • a wide range of tasks with different levels of complexity;
  • automatic code checking system;
  • game mode can be used;
  • possibility to get help from other users or developers.

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