Block This

Block This
Category: Other (Security)
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 107


Block This is a software tool responsible for hiding advertising content in any software. The application is compatible with many versions of Android. Thanks to the utility, users can get rid of annoying banners, videos, and more. The program is operable without root access.

Hide ads

The mobile utility is designed to block any advertising content. At the same time, the functionality of the software works with both online browsers and other software installed on the device. Due to this, a person can not only avoid meeting with annoying content, but also save Internet traffic. In addition, disabling advertising allows you to increase the speed of functioning of third-party utilities. If desired, the user can create a list of exceptions. Mobile utilities added to such a list will continue to display advertising banners and videos. The program has no localization into Russian. All the text presented in the application is available only in English. However, it is very easy to understand the program. Activation of the application occurs on the main page. To include the software in the list of exceptions, you need to go to the "Whitelist" section.

Principle of operation

An important feature of the program is that a person does not need superuser rights to hide various advertisements. To remove such content, the application uses a VPN. Thanks to this, the user can also visit previously inaccessible Internet pages.


  • A program for hiding commercials and banners in any utilities;
  • Correct operation on modern versions of the operating system;
  • All program functionality is available completely free of charge;
  • Simple English-language interface;
  • It is allowed to include utilities in the list of exceptions;
  • There are reference materials;
  • The program does not need superuser rights.

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