Category: Entertainment
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 150


MoboPlay is a program designed to find and easily install software for your cell phone. Note that the application provides access mainly to gaming content. Thanks to an impressive catalog, you will always know what you can play on your smartphone.


In fact, we are talking about an alternative app store available for android smartphones. Thanks to the presence of a large number of software and games, the user will be able to find what is not available inside the Google Play for whatever reason. At the same time, specifically MoboPlay allows you to install the types of software that are not available from numerous competitors. The catalog contains simple applications, work tools, video games, extensions and much more. Just scroll through the catalog or type in a title to find something specific. Installation is done in one click, without the need to work with APK files or the cache of large applications yourself. Note that some apps and games are not available inside MoboPlay right now, but they will appear soon. The user can pre-install so that it will start automatically after the release.


MoboPlay also provides access to several tools to quickly optimize your cell phone. Thus, the user can clear the cache or delete temporary files without leaving the application store client. And the ability to delete any installed programs on your smartphone in one click allows you to unload memory, if it is not enough to install something new.

Main features

  • The program is an alternative to the popular Google app store;
  • You can install applications in one click;
  • There are many programs and video games;
  • There are tools to optimize the smartphone;
  • You can put unavailable applications in automatic download at the time of release.
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