Category: Messengers and voice communication clients
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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Yap is a mobile client that allows you to communicate with other users by voice messages overlaid on common memes. With this messenger, you can apply animation with various characters that are famous in popular culture while recording voice audio. The interface is characterized by accessibility, ease of use and interesting design, so it will be easy to master its functions. The program can be downloaded for free to devices that are running Android.


Before you start the mobile client, you need to authorize in it. This can be done through an existing google account. After going through the appropriate procedure, you can log into it and see a collection of video memes with different media personalities. As their examples, one can mention Ilon Musk, Hermione Granger, Jennifer Aniston, BTS band members and so on. Characters can be searched using the built-in text search engine. Users can also search for a picture and add it to a collection with other memes. The program searches for illustrations in the phone's internal storage automatically. They can be exploited directly while chatting with other interlocutors.


The utility gives you the ability to communicate in online chats. It has a bot that helps in learning and applying animated characters. If you like it, you can also invite friends from different social networks and other resources to spend time together in it. It is worth considering that the chat rooms do not use text typing, as it is possible to conduct exclusively voice communication. You can choose any character from the offered assortment and create an audio chat. To realize this task, you need to allow access to the voice recorder of your mobile device.


  • The ability to communicate with other interlocutors by voice messages using memes;
  • presence of a built-in bot that provides training;
  • the ability to download the utility for free.

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