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Messengers and voice communication clients

noteit noteit
noteit is an interesting utility based on a fascinating idea of communicating with other users using stickers and pictures. To use the features, you will need to add a widget to your desktop, and
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WAStickerApps WAStickerApps
WAStickerApps is an Android utility that allows you to download and use sticker sets in Telegram and WhatsApp messengers. A simple interface is used, adding is done in automatic mode. UsageThe start
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KazSticker KazSticker
KazSticker is an Android app that allows you to add to the WhatsApp 6 additional sets of stickers. The content is focused on the residents of Kazakhstan, reflecting popular memes and jokes.
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TeleNova TeleNova
TeleNova - alternative messenger Telegram the functionality is implemented on the basis of the official API. All basic features are available, but the developers have implemented an unusual design
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Mood Messenger Mood Messenger
Mood Messenger is an Android application for sending MMS and SMS, a convenient alternative to the regular tool. You can customize the design and add animated emoji to messages, create chats with
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Widgetshare Widgetshare
Widgetshare is an Android application for widget sharing. You can add a media file to the screen and use it to communicate. Any changes you make are displayed on other devices, allowing you to use an
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GoChat GoChat
GoChat is a mobile messenger for Android that allows users to make video and audio calls for free. Users can send notifications, music, photos, documents and other media content to other users. The
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Ding Talk Ding Talk
Ding Talk is an application that is designed to support corporate communication. Users are given the opportunity to communicate with each other, create groups, share various files. The utility
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WhatsApp Wear OS WhatsApp Wear OS
WhatsApp Wear OS is an Android app that allows you to expand the capabilities of your smart watch. You can make calls, use messenger and receive notifications. All the basic settings and functions of
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WhatsApp Huawei WhatsApp Huawei
WhatsApp Huawei is a mobile version of the popular communication service that can be downloaded and used by owners of Huawei devices. All the features available in the messenger of the same name are
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