Category: Messengers and voice communication clients
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 154


Handcent is a mobile messenger through which you can send as well as receive MMS and SMS messages. The utility is fully translated into Russian. There is a possibility to customize the interface design. There is a built-in catalog with a variety of emoticons and stickers. It is allowed to restrict access to the utility by means of a password.

Communication and security

This utility performs the role of a multifunctional messenger for exchanging MMS and SMS messages. The mobile program is equipped with extremely useful functions. One of them allows you to save messages in cloud storage. Also in the application there is an option responsible for sending one message to several interlocutors at the same time. The program has a computer client. If the user downloads it to his laptop or PC, he will be able to synchronize messages between the devices used. If a person does not want his correspondence to be read by third parties, he can install a security code. After that, the program will require a password to access the chats.


The developers added a number of parameters to the mobile application to personalize the appearance of the interface. For example, a person can choose from three color schemes. Namely: dark, night and light. In addition to this, the user is allowed to customize the font headset and the size of the characters. If desired, the user is able to change the design of the notifications coming from the utility. Among other things, you can customize the amount of text in the notifications, sound and so on.


  • Guaranteed to work on current versions of the Android system;
  • Free program for exchanging MMS as well as SMS messages;
  • You can send graphic content in its original quality;
  • You can customize the visual design of the interface;
  • It is allowed to synchronize messages with cloud storage;
  • It is possible to set a password;
  • Batch messaging option is available;
  • Availability of an extensive collection of various emoticons and stickers.

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