X Plus Messenger

X Plus Messenger
Category: Messengers and voice communication clients
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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X Plus Messenger is an Android application that is an unofficial client for Telegram. All standard functions and a number of additional features are available. It supports invisible mode, autoresponder, download manager and much more.


The main difference in design is that the elements are grouped into tabs. You can separately view the list of chats, bots, channels and so on. It is possible to switch to the classic mode with one column with dialogs. Personal settings are available for each tab, you can hide them and change the order in the main window. The main menu allows you to quickly mark all chats as read, clear the cache, send the feed to the archive, customize the notification mode. You can also close access with a password and activate the message counter. Important dialogs can be pinned, the number is not limited. An autoresponder is available for the current dialog and a drawing panel that allows you to quickly send a sketch via a new message.


The main menu allows you to access additional functions. There is a full-fledged proxy server, download manager, a module for searching users by name, a separate list of favorite contacts, and advanced options for changing the design theme. The developers have expanded the possibilities for cleaning history and cache, which allows you to effectively free up space on the drive. In the settings, you can change the mode of notifications, the format of displaying chats, images, work with stickers and much more. After activating the invisible mode, other users will not see the activity status of the account. Standard options are provided for customizing the display of personal information - you can hide the number, name and login. When working with voice messages, the voice change mode is supported. The program allows you to record the appearance of other users in the network. The information is collected on a separate panel and updated in real time.


  • invisible mode;
  • use of tabs;
  • voice changing;
  • hiding personal data and password access;
  • free download.

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