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Uzmobile 4G Dealer

Uzmobile 4G Dealer
Category: Services
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Uzmobile 4G Dealer is an official Android application from a major dealer of Uzmobile operator. You can read company news, manage services, purchase additional packages and contact the company.


A catalog of current tariffs is available. You can find out all conditions and restrictions, as well as ways to switch. It is possible to initiate the transition immediately or use the specified combination manually. A separate panel contains information about the current tariff and all connected options.


The next section contains a list of available services. You can also find a detailed description, cost and ways of connection. You can hide the number, activate 4G LTE, notifications about new fines, voice mail and so on. There is a service of transferring funds to the account of another subscriber, you just need to specify the number and amount. For a fee you can subscribe to currency rates, weather, horoscope and other useful tools. When traveling to another country the roaming service will be useful. You can also find out the peculiarities of tariffing in a certain country and decide to activate additional options that will help to reduce Internet and communication costs.

Account management

The expense tracking mode is conveniently implemented. You can check the remaining minutes or SMS, view detailed statistics for any period. The obtained data can be saved to a text file. Additional tools allow you to quickly find out your IMEI and phone number, you can copy the information at once. The news feed allows you to learn about new promotions and offers from the operator. The program can be used to make a new appeal to the company. All dialogs are saved, you can receive notifications when new answers appear. The current status of the request is indicated separately.


  • up-to-date information about tariffs and services;
  • news feed;
  • possibility to change the tariff or activate an option;
  • appeal to the support service;
  • free download.

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