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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Tunebat - the presented neural network can divide and analyze musical compositions. It divides tracks into separate tracks to take advantage of vocals or to create a part of some musical instrument with further saving on the device. Users can separate vocals and musical instruments separately without much trouble. The program functions normally on modern Android systems.

Terms of use and music separation

With the help of the engine room, you can separate vocals and the sound of individual instruments from any other sound. The files can be uploaded to cloud storage and processed on a computer with GPU support. This method allows you to quickly analyze several sounds in a musical composition to produce a final result. You can load a single track into this application. The finished works are encoded in different high-speed formats, so that the sound is optimal in quality. The utility can separate vocals and instruments separately. These functions are available only with a paid subscription. Although in general, the program can be used without financial investment. The service allows you to divide the composition into a minus phonogram and vocals separately. To do this, you need to upload a track in different formats (WAV, MP3 and others). Then it is processed on the server to separate instrumental parts and vocals. As a result, the voice will be removed, and the resulting tracks will remain in the cloud. They can be listened to before being downloaded to the device.

Distinctive features

The following qualities can be attributed to them:
  • Separation of vocals from the musical composition;
  • AI operation is present when separating tracks individually;
  • You can listen to a preview before the final result;
  • There is paid content for some functions;
  • Usage is in English;
  • Installation and download is completely free for all users;
  • Works on modern Android systems, which are now up to date.
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