Category: Finance
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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PayWay is an application that provides users with an opportunity to use the Uzbek payment platform. The utility easily allows you to make transfers across the CIS countries, make payments for various services, and perform currency conversion.

Money management

PayWay utility allows you to use the modern payment platform of Uzbekistan. With its help, you can easily make all kinds of international money payments. It is possible to transfer funds between different cards of payment national systems. Among them are frequently used UzCard, ATTO and Humo. The utility allows you to pay for various services in Russia and the CIS. These can be network services, mobile communications, housing and utilities, social networks, television, services with games, services in banks and so on. PayWay allows to top up cards of many banks, including Tinkoff, Sberbank or Alfa. You can top up various e-wallets. You can work with more than ten types of currencies.

Using PayWay

To start using the utility, it is necessary to perform a simple and quick identification. It is performed by cell phone, enter the details of the bank card, which was issued by a bank on the territory of Uzbekistan. Having completed the procedure, you can perform transfers from Uzcard to cards of the Russian Federation. The utility provides for currency transactions. They are made at the current exchange rate. Carrying out a financial transaction is confirmed by a corresponding receipt. To ensure security, the PayWay application supports a high level of biometric protection. You can create a list of favorite services and preferred goods.


  • Official client of the PayWay payment system;
  • Making transfers to wallets and bank cards;
  • Payment for purchased goods and services;
  • PIN-code for security;
  • Free of charge.
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