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System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
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Payme is a program that will allow you to pay for a variety of services using your bank card. The application works only on the territory of Uzbekistan.


The application is used to pay for goods, services and even fines. With its help you will be able to do it contactless. It is enough just to enter the necessary parameters in the program, and press the payment button. You can also make payments even in cinemas, shopping malls, stores and other places. You just need to have a cell phone with the Payme utility installed.


This application does not just allow you to make various payment transactions. The program will store the history about them. With the help of special filters, you will be able to find the desired transaction. To do this, just enter the exact date when the payment was made. The program will show you all the details of the payment. The exact time, place and even the amount of payment. An electronic receipt is attached to all payments. You can print it out and use it when needed. There is also another interesting feature. It is connected with the fact that you will be able to send a request to transfer funds. This is necessary in case you run out of money at the right moment. Just send the request to your friends or relatives and they will be able to send money if possible. This is not the case with other banking programs.

Card connection

The program works only with UZcard. It will be very easy to bind it, you just need to make a few taps on the phone screen. When you open the card, it will be automatically connected to the mobile application. But if you own several cards from different banks, Payme can also work. The thing is that with this utility, the user will be able to combine all the cards in one place. You will not have to install several programs to control multiple cards. All this can be done in the Payme banking utility. It is also convenient because there will be one interface for each card, so you will not have to get used to it.

Key features

  • It is possible to pass authorization in the program using several methods. To do this, you can get an SMS, use a login and password, as well as a fingerprint;
  • With the help of this program, you can get money, send it and even pay off debts;
  • There is a section with the history of transactions performed;
  • One can print out receipts from each payment;
  • User can send a request to transfer funds;
  • Works on all android versions.
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