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Anidub App

Anidub App
Category: Players
System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
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Anidub App is an interesting and unique mobile application for watching anime products. The software is aimed at an audience of fans of Japanese animation. Therefore, it may not be suitable for fans of other format and genre. The program works online and regularly notifies the user about new releases.


Anidub App is a unique solution for viewers of Japanese animation and fans of this culture. Among its analogues, the program has the greatest popularity among users. The software provides a large selection of anime and creates the best conditions for viewing it. Now you do not need to sit and look for your favorite anime on the Internet, because at hand a large library of Japanese animation.


Thanks to a large database of content, you can find any anime to your taste. The library is constantly filled and updated. If it is not possible to watch anime online, the service has integration with torrent clients. Therefore, each user can download videos to the memory of the device and continue watching offline.

Application interface

The program is executed in a pleasant and clear graphical shell. The main menu of the application shows the latest and current releases. In the far right corner there is a search engine icon, from where you can find the desired anime. The search is performed by keywords, genres, release date. The sidebar has various useful tools. The panel has information about the release dates of new seasons and a FAQ section. Each anime has its own separate page with a pleasant interface, where detailed information about this product is written. Here you can find out the current rating, statistics, the date of addition and release, a brief announcement, comments and feedback from viewers. Also, the user can save the favorite anime in bookmarks or fix on the desktop of his device.

Key features

  • unique and popular application for fans of anime;
  • a specific audience of users of this software;
  • regular notifications of new releases;
  • the ability to watch anime in online and offline modes;
  • large variety and quantity of Japanese animation in the database;
  • information about upcoming releases of new seasons;
  • playback of video materials both in the built and third-party player;
  • support for current versions of Android OS.

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