Category: Education and e-books
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Elevate is an Android app that allows you to train cognitive skills. You can effectively train math ability, memory, concentration and thinking. A scheme with a gradual increase in difficulty level is used, which improves the effectiveness of training.


After launching the program, you need to specify which skills need to be improved. Next, the application will offer to take a series of tests to determine the current abilities. The obtained data will be used to create an individualized training plan. The program tracks weaknesses and makes a priority on the necessary exercises. If necessary, the plan is adjusted. The developers recommend using a regular schedule. The most effective option is daily training. In this case, the desired result will be obtained faster. The catalog provides 35 games that train different aspects - thinking, memory, concentration, analysis of the received information and so on. Provided for a gradual increase in complexity, which helps to maintain interest in training.


All training sessions are saved in a calendar and detailed statistics are collected. This allows you to track your progress and set new goals. A reminder system is provided.


Please note that the interface, instructions and games are only available in English. A sufficient level of knowledge of the language is required to fully understand the tasks. A separate tab contains instructions for working with the program, as well as a selection of useful publications. The material will allow you to effectively use the capabilities of the application.


  • you can develop various skills;
  • learning is carried out in game mode;
  • user-friendly interface in English;
  • progress tracking and detailed statistics;
  • access to all features is possible after subscribing.
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