Category: Players
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 102


Mstudio is an Android app that allows you to edit audio. You can merge and cut tracks, mix and change basic parameters. There is a built-in converter.

Audio search

After installation, you can activate a file system scan to search for all suitable files. This allows you to form your own content library with convenient access - all suitable files will be available in the program interface. At the same time, you can customize the display mode - general list or categories. You can search for files by name, as well as use different sorting modes. A voice recorder module is available, which can be used to create new recordings. Files are automatically added to a separate directory. The function of extracting audio track from video is supported. All current formats can be used for this purpose. The track is saved as a separate file, after which you can use it in your projects. All modified files are automatically saved in the "My Creation" folder. Additional directories are provided depending on the operations performed. For example, it can be conversion or cropping. You can sort by alphabetical order, date and duration. The built-in player allows you to listen to the original or modified file. All the necessary functions for control are provided. In the process of merging you can use fragments in different formats. The built-in converter will convert them to the desired form. Tone and speed can be adjusted separately. Beginners are recommended to study the help section beforehand. This will allow you to learn all the features of the program and get used to the interface faster. The material covers all the main re


  • a set of tools for audio editing;
  • built-in file converter;
  • voice recorder and player;
  • function for extracting audio from a video file;
  • easy access to the file system;
  • free download.

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