Adb Run

Adb Run
Category: Working with Android devices
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 198 628


Adb Run is a special shell for implementing and outputting ADB commands. It is an important tool for controlling mobile devices with Android OS. The program is designed in a graphical interface and provides input and execution of ADB commands on a mobile device with Android OS, which work through a computer. Adb Run works if the mobile device has "root" rights and the device is enabled for debugging via USB cable. Start performing all changes and operations after making these settings and getting Root rights.


For smartphone owners who are familiar with devices with the mobile operating system from Google will be easier to master the capabilities of Android Debug Bridge. Beginners will have to learn the basic functions and read the list of features of the program.

So, with the help of ADB-commands you can:

  • display the status of devices that are connected and the Android Wear watch;
  • restart the mobile device;
  • install and uninstall applications;
  • update software components by means of Fastboot;
  • reload or clean the data partition (for advanced users).
  • transfer files (both ways);
  • run various scripts that control OS operation;
  • make (create) a backup of information;
  • take screenshots and record videos;
  • unlock the device if you cannot log in to your smartphone and you have forgotten your graphical password or PIN code;
  • Change the welcome screen and system startup animation;
  • find out information about the data stored in the device memory and on the SD-card;
  • to update the current firmware;
  • download and install the entire driver package.

Advantages of Adb Run

The difficulty in using Android Debug Bridge lies in manually entering long commands. All commands are not easily memorized, so making a mistake while entering a command is standard. Adb Run does not require you to enter any additional parameters or auxiliary commands. Moving through the menu and performing the necessary operations, you will switch to manual mode if you want to enter "by hand". The creator of the application made manual input for experienced users of the Android operating system. Entering commands manually will suit users who find standard commands not enough. The app installs on old and new versions of Windows and is automatically updated in mode.
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