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Working with Android devices

Coolmuster Android Assistant Coolmuster Android Assistant
Coolmuster Android Assistant is a gadget manager that is capable of creating a backup of data and settings of a connected device. In terms of its functionality, the client is practically no different
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Kingo ROOT Kingo ROOT
KingoROOT is a specialized utility that allows you to extend administrative rights for devices that run on the Android operating system. The program differs from many of its analogues and similar
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LG Bridge LG Bridge
LG Bridge is an application that is a must-have for those who have a computer and a phone. If you need to communicate between these devices, LG Bridge can help. Not only will it allow you to share
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HUAWEI Multi Tool HUAWEI Multi Tool
HUAWEI Multi Tool is a utility that allows you to perform ADB commands on devices from the corresponding company. The free program has Russian localization. The software is ADB Fastboot terminal,
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Debloater Debloater
Debloater is a program whose main function is to remove unnecessary programs, plug-ins and applications from Android devices connected to a PC. As mentioned above, is designed to remove unnecessary
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Root Genius Root Genius
Root Genius is a utility that works with Windows operating systems, with the help of which you can install ROOT rights on your portable device using a PC. UsageThere are two versions of this
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MultiLoader MultiLoader
This utility is designed to "flash" Samsung tablets or smartphones that work with Qualcomm or Broadcom processors (standard processors installed on Samsung smartphones and tablets). This program is
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DiskImageRev2 DiskImageRev2
DiskImageRev2 is a small size application, which can be called "instrumental". It is used to write the image of USB-drive and SD-cards. The recorded images made for the drives are suitable for any
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SamFirm SamFirm
SamFirm is a non-commercial (free) utility from an independent developer. By the full name of this small program "Samsung Firmware" you can easily understand that it was created to search and then
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Flashtool Flashtool
Flashtool (may also be distributed under another name - SP Flash Tool) is a completely free application from the well-known company MediaTek. This company is one of the largest manufacturers of
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