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Category: Services
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 117


Boxberry is a free program developed by the eponymous parcel delivery and sending service. There is a built-in map showing the location of the company's branches. You can monitor the status of your parcel.


A significant part of the functions of the mobile program is available without creating a personal account. Nevertheless, registration in the service gives a person the opportunity to pay for the services of the company through the utility. Also, an authorized user is able to participate in time-limited offers that allow you to save money.


First of all, the program is intended for receiving information about parcels. In particular, a person can monitor the current status of their parcel, the approximate time of arrival, its current location, and so on. In addition, the application has a notification system. Thanks to this, the user is able to receive notifications that the parcel has arrived at the desired branch of the company. Through the program it is possible to calculate the price of sending a parcel, taking into account the desired packaging and so on. The application also automatically generates a bar code, with the help of which a person is able to pick up the parcel. If the user has an account, he can use various promotions. Also through the program it is allowed to pay for the delivery of parcels.

Built-in map

The creators added an electronic map to the mobile application. On it, the user can find branches of the company in his locality. It should be noted that access to the map is opened after giving the utility permission to use geolocation.


  • The ability to keep track of your parcels sent through the company of the same name;
  • Free utility for modern versions of Android;
  • There is a section with a map;
  • Most features are available without registration;
  • Allows you to pay for the service.
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