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Mi Band Maps

Mi Band Maps
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.1
Program Status: Free
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Mi Band Maps is a software that can be used in conjunction with smart watches from the Xiaomi brand. With the help of the utility, users are able to follow instructions from Google Maps through their own watch. The possibility to customize notifications is present.

Start using

Before installing this utility, the user should make sure that his device is present in the list of supported watches. At the moment, the mobile application is compatible with the following gadgets from Xiaomi:
  • Amazfit Cor;
  • Amazfit Bip;
  • Mi Band 3.
The software is not able to work with other models of watches from the previously mentioned brand. In the future, the list of compatible devices may expand. If the user has a suitable device, he can download the program and start pairing. Once this procedure is completed, the person will be able to fully utilize the alerts function.


This program was created with one goal in mind - to provide the user with a convenient way to interact with Google Maps. It works as follows: the user creates a route on the map, and then the application sends notifications with instructions. For example, the program is able to inform the user about the need to turn in a certain direction. The utility can also notify a person about the completion of the route. The user is allowed to choose one of the modes of notifications:
  • Silent;
  • Vibration;
  • Sound.
If desired, the display of notifications can be completely turned off in the parameters of the mobile program.


  • There are no ads in the utility;
  • A special program for interaction with Google Maps ;
  • the interface is available in Ukrainian, English, Russian and other languages;
  • Correct operation on modern versions of OC;
  • It is possible to customize the mode of sending notifications;
  • The program is compatible with only three models of watches from Xiaomi;
  • Synchronization should be performed before use.
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