Category: Messengers and voice communication clients
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 98


Widgetshare is an Android application for widget sharing. You can add a media file to the screen and use it to communicate. Any changes you make are displayed on other devices, allowing you to use an out of the box way to interact.


To add a new module, you need to click on the plus icon. This will open the built-in editor for creating and customizing a new widget. It is possible to open the code sent by another user. As a basis you can use a graphic file from the gallery or take a new photo using the camera. Next, you need to think of a name for the new module and click "Create Widget". The utility will automatically generate the corresponding code, which should be sent to friends in any available way. Copying to the clipboard is supported.

Communication method

The received code allows you to create a copy of the widget on another device. It is also enough to start the module creation process, fully insert the sent code and save the project with a suitable name. The program allows you to make changes to the original media file. Standard drawing tools are available - Eraser and Brush with a set of settings. You can change the color, size and style of drawing. The function of adding text is supported. The panel allows you to change the color, position, size and font. All saved changes will be displayed to the user who downloaded the code. This allows you to realize a non-standard communication scheme. There is a brief instruction that allows you to quickly get used to the program. There are ready examples, a list of possible errors and a list of additional functions.


  • built-in widget editor;
  • communication between modules on different devices;
  • drawing tools;
  • saving the history of changes;
  • detailed work instructions;
  • free download.
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