Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger
Category: Messengers and voice communication clients
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Mood Messenger is an Android application for sending MMS and SMS, a convenient alternative to the regular tool. You can customize the design and add animated emoji to messages, create chats with different access levels and much more.


The developers position their project as a full-fledged alternative to the standard program for working with messages. A large number of additional functions are available. You can send videos from YouTube, access subscriber ID, create private chats, customize the design and much more. The choice of emoji is conveniently implemented. After entering the glory, the utility itself offers suitable options. Provided smart emoji with various services - horoscope, weather, information about movies and so on. To activate the service, it is enough to click on the item, the module is loaded automatically. The program allows you to send the current geolocation in the form of a map with a label and attach media files. Such functions are now provided in many messengers. For example, you can quickly send the current position to a user who is not oriented in the city. The resulting map will allow you to quickly find the desired point. It is possible to set an arbitrary status by analogy with classic social networks.


To use the functionality, you need to install the messenger as the default program. Wallpapers for chats and dialog list are set separately, you can change the font and text size. A built-in catalog with a large number of themes is provided, installation of images from the gallery is supported. This allows you to form your own unique style, combining the design of elements with the main background.


  • application for sending messages with a large set of functions;
  • you can attach files and use emoji;
  • private chats;
  • design customization;
  • data synchronization with Google account;
  • access protection with a graphical key;
  • free download.
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