Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Argus is an Android application that allows you to record your physical activity and the number of calories consumed. It supports synchronization with Google Fit you can share your achievements with your friends. Following simple recommendations will allow you to lose weight or improve your physical shape.


At the first launch, the program will offer to specify the basic dаta:
  • weight and height;
  • desired body mass;
  • current fitness level;
  • speed of weight change.
Based on the data received, the program will generate an individual training and nutrition plan. If necessary, you can make adjustments, optimizing it for your current tasks.


To track activity, you must first allow access to the GPS module. This will allow you to track the distance traveled. It is also possible to track the route of cycling or jogging. A separate section contains a selection of training videos. You can choose a suitable exercise and learn how to perform it correctly. The built-in player allows you to play the desired content during training. There is a function of group classes - invitations are sent to the specified contacts.


The program allows you to save your daily ration for automatic calorie counting. It supports automatic input of information by scanning the barcode on the package. During the information collection process, the selected limit and the current value are displayed. A separate panel contains additional recommendations. The reference section contains an extensive collection of useful materials. You can find useful tips for improving the effectiveness of exercises, ways of motivation and much more. There is a section dedicated to proper nutrition and calorie control.


  • Physical activity level tracking;
  • calorie counting;
  • Creating an individualized training plan;
  • a selection of exercise videos;
  • you can share your results with friends;
  • free download.

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