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Frase is an application that is based on artificial intelligence. The utility is created specifically to generate SEO optimized texts for further use in the promotion of various goods. Generation of high-quality and optimized materials allows you to accelerate the procedure of promoting goods, services and just sites on the Internet.

Neural network capabilities

In the base, it is the same language odel as many others provided in the network. It knows how to generate text on demand, using other materials as a basis for obtaining information and text parameters. The only difference is the sources Frase uses, compared to the rest of the neural networks. Here there is a separate module that analyzes the SEO success of the source, performing smart sorting. This approach makes it possible to work only with the best materials that have potential. Further, Frase extracts average characteristics from the texts that were found on the Internet. These characteristics form the basis of the material that the neural network will generate at your request. Note that the free version has some limitations in its functionality.


There are 2 main approaches that can be used to create quality material. First, you can generate the whole article, which does not allow you to achieve the desired structure and takes control away from the user. You can also generate paragraphs, lists, and so on separately. For this purpose, there are convenient templates that speed up this process.


To work with Frase, you need to create an account. This can be done through mail, or services like Google account.

Main features

  • The program is designed for generating SEO texts;
  • Creates materials based on sources from the Internet;
  • You can create texts as a whole, or in parts through templates;
  • Requires registration before use.
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