Beat ly

Beat ly
Category: Recording
System: Android 4.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 162


Beat ly - the application is designed for those users who are engaged in editing their photos and videos with music for further publication in social networks. The end result of the process is the creation of unique video material in high digital resolution. The rollers turn out to be unusual. Sound effects help in this. The utility is created for mobile devices with Android version.

Music and video

Users can quickly process their files as videos with music and photos from slideshows. Special tools such as effects, transitions and templates help in this. In editing this content, filters that are divided into thematic categories help. With the help of the application you can customize not only the musical rhythm, but also add volume in some places to increase the duration of the clip. In the arsenal of the user when creating a material there is a large selection of songs. You can also apply music from a mobile device. The program is designed to create a music video from photos, which after processing remain unchanged. Photos can be taken from the phone. They can be paired with the video. If desired, you can use the utility image to make it a cover. Rollers can be created in various formats, including digital resolution. They are stored in a separate section. Although they can be immediately posted after processing to messengers or social networks ( Instagram , WhatsApp и TickTock ). If you use the program in free mode, the video will have watermarks. If you buy a subscription, they will be absent.

Features of the content

Among them, the following features can be listed:
  • It is possible to create original music videos from photos and videos;
  • There is a wide range of filters;
  • If desired, you can quickly upload the resulting material to popular social networks or messengers;
  • You can download and use it for free. However, not all functions will be available. It is necessary to pay a subscription for full service;
  • The utility is designed for devices with modern Android systems.

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