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System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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WhatsApp is a famous messenger developed for portable devices. It allows you to communicate with people living in different corners of the globe for free.


WhatsApp gives you the opportunity to communicate with friends and family as comfortably as possible, while saving money. To do this, you just need to download the messenger in the memory of your Android device. This way, you will get a chance to call your loved ones and write free messages to them. However, they will need to install WhatsApp as well.

Standard functionality

The main functions that the user can use are sending free text messages to other users, as well as making voice calls regardless of where the interlocutor is located. With the help of WhatsApp you will be able to call a resident of any country. The application is synchronized with the phone book and includes in its list of users who have also installed the said messenger. In the program, you can communicate through a private chat or a group chat. In each chat you can send pictures, photos, audio recordings, videos and even your current location. WhatsApp marks read messages with a specific icon, so you won't have to wonder for a long time whether your conversation partner has read them or not. Don't forget to use the function of sending voice messages to users. Press and hold a special button - after that you will start recording your voice on the built-in voice recorder. When you finish recording, release the button and send the message to the dialog. In addition, you can start mass distribution of a certain text message to several users during the dialog. In order to take advantage of mass texting, you can also install WhatsApp Business the app is designed for business owners who are constantly in touch with customers via the web.

Key options

  • sending messages and voice recordings free of charge;
  • making audio calls without carrier billing;
  • you can create a group or private chat;
  • it is possible to send media files and other attachments;
  • the interface is designed modern and beautiful;
  • the client automatically synchronizes with contacts from the phone book;
  • there are both Android versions and versions for other OCs.
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