Category: Other (Travel)
System: Android 4.3
Program Status: Free
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IO HAWK is an Android utility designed for the use of electric scooters and gyroscooters. Thanks to it, you can control the selected transport, customize individual parameters and find like-minded people. With other users you can arrange competitions, due to which the use of the application and the selected vehicle becomes more interesting. The menu is intuitive and easy to navigate, so users have no problems with mastering the features of the program. It can be downloaded and used for free.


With the help of this program you can diagnose vehicles. It provides all the necessary information about the speed of the electric scooter or gyroscooter, battery charge, mileage and other information. You can also check the distance the vehicle has traveled and adjust the control sensitivity. The mobile client records the driving path automatically. Moreover, it is possible to know the dynamic strength and route history.

New friends

You can not only use transportation, but also meet new people. The application has a group where you can meet users and communicate with them. In addition, you can take part in Challenges.

How to connect?

To synchronize between the vehicle and your phone device, you need to use bluetooth. All that is required is to select the model of the means of transportation and confirm the connection. In order for the utility to work correctly, you will need to register. To do this, you need to specify certain personal information about yourself. You can also use a faster way of registration - authorization using an existing account in the facebook after that, you can add friends, track progress, exchange texts and take part in competitions.


  • Ability to control electric scooters and gyroscooter;
  • ability to connect via bluetooth;
  • ability to customize various settings;
  • android compatibility.

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