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Category: Services
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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MidJourney is a specialized web product for Android that deals with generating unique images. In this neural network, you can set different topics and share your finished works in groups. The main task of this program is to produce illustrations on the topic that was set by the user. You can also select the resolution of the image, its quality and other parameters. There is a free version, which allows you to generate a limited number of drawings. To get rid of the existing restrictions, you will need to purchase a license.


To work with the presented platform, you need to specify the information of the existing profile in Discord. Next, you need to subscribe to one of the channels, the name of which begins with newbies#. After that, it is necessary to send the command /imagine in the chat and lead the subject of the picture. It is necessary to set the description exclusively in English, because otherwise it will not be possible to get the desired content.


Illustration generation takes a small amount of time, but may take longer, depending on server load. When the description processing is finished, the application will provide several variations of pictures in low resolution. You can select just one of the suggested images and have it redrawn in high quality. If you don't like the suggested results, you can reset them and then perform the processing again.


The presented mobile client gives you the opportunity to choose a variety of parameters, including format, level of detail and quality. To select the most appropriate setting, you need to enter the keys after the main command. For example, while adding the appropriate parameter, you can draw a picture with the desired aspect ratio. Moreover, you can get rid of individual details and create customized sets of parameters.


  • Free distribution of the utility on android gadgets;
  • artificial intelligence that creates different pictures in high quality;
  • the ability to save content and share it on social networks.
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