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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Dreamlike is a specialized program on Android, thanks to which you can generate illustrations and drawings in a variety of styles. By using this neural network it is possible to get an original image based on the entered text description. Moreover, the picture is created on any topic, which is very important. Problems with mastering the application does not arise, because the developers have made the most intuitive interface with simple controls. The software itself can be downloaded for free.

Creating an account

To start working with artificial intelligence, you need to register in the utility. You can create an account based on your existing google account. Neural network operates on a free basis, but there is a system of credits to limit the number of requests. Due to this approach, the service is not overloaded, and users are served as quickly as possible. When creating a profile, a user is given 50 credits. Then 24 credits will be credited for free on a daily basis. They can be accumulated and used in any time period. In this software, you can generate one illustration at a time and queue several pictures. If you want to increase the number of requests and take advantage of advanced features, you will have to subscribe for a fee.


Artificial intelligence functions on demand. The more detailed the text description, the more accurate and detailed the final result will be. You can specify additional parameters, including color palette, desired stylistics, list of objects and their position, and much more. You can also write what you don't want to be shown in the drawing. The finished content can be edited, including getting rid of defects. Here you can take advantage of the generated result. You can save it on your mobile device or get rid of it. The image that will be generated is available for application without any restrictions.


  • Ability to generate illustrations from text description using artificial intelligence;
  • ability to edit the generated result;
  • free software distribution.
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