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DALL E mini

DALL E mini
Category: Drawing
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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DALL E mini - this application with the help of artificial intelligence can create images according to requests in the form of text. The neural network can generate several images at once during one user request. The resulting images are unique and can be seen in your smartphone. The program is designed to work not only with Android mobile devices, but also with other versions.

Creating images and using

There are already nine ready-made layouts in the utility. The end result can always be different, that is, in several variants to choose the most suitable one for yourself. Images are obtained on the basis of text commands, which are written by a person, and the AI embodies them. The program is designed not only for designers and artists, but also for ordinary people. Neural network helps to embody in the virtual world the thoughts and themes that have arisen in a person's head. To get an original picture, you need only one sentence or a few words. And if you make a repetition of phrases, the result will be quite different. Artificial intelligence in the utility works for the user on a gratuitous basis. It is capable of creating a huge number of images. It is not necessary to register in it. To get a more accurate picture, you need to write in English. The program does not always produce fast results. Sometimes you need to wait for ten minutes for each request. The reason is high loads on the servers related to AI. All received images can be published in social networks and messengers. If you display the picture on a large screen, you will notice the lack of some details.

Differences that are inherent in the utility

This neural network differs from similar content by the following nuances:
  • AI creates unique images based on text queries from users;
  • A single query produces multiple image variants with the ability to select one of them;
  • No authorization is required;
  • You can work on Android mobile devices and other systems.
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